3 Ways to Build a Lasting Connection Through Networking

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3 Ways to Build a Lasting Connection Through Networking

This past September, I had the honor of attending a Great Legal Marketing Conference in Arlington, Virginia. At the conference, there were over a hundred lawyers or legal field workers which provided a great opportunity to get to know people working in my field all across the country.

One of the great things about my job is the ability I have to network not just within my field but with people in my community. Sometimes it can be intimidating to walk up to someone and introduce yourself. Let’s be honest, the elevator pitch can be great, but it is another way to get yourself tongue tied sharing what you do. Not only that, but when you are meeting people right and left how do you remember who was who? I want to share with you some steps that work for me and have helped me build great relationships with people across many different industries and states.

1. Talk about them. One thing that will always be true is that people love to talk about themselves. This is the perfect opportunity to have a constant flow of conversation. Be engaged. Ask questions to get them to share more. People feel comfortable talking about what they know, so I typically ask them about what specifically they do or what kinds of things they participate in or enjoy.

2. Write it down. I would love to be that person who remembers everyone’s name, but unfortunately that’s not my gift. However, my IPhone notepad and contact notes have helped me in becoming more like this person. Whenever I meet someone, I write their name down and a few topics we discussed in my note pad or on the back of their business card. (ALWAYS GET THEIR INFORMATION!) I make sure to include what set that person apart. Writing it down allows me to recall the information when I need it.

3. Follow Up. This is what sets you apart. You may not have even shared all you would have liked in conversation, but this is the part where you get to shine. Following up with someone, whether it’s an email or a personal message on LinkedIn, is what leaves lasting impressions on people. Make sure to include a question or bring up something you discussed. This lets people know they had your undivided attention. The follow up is what makes the relationships grow and continue. It will also set you apart from just another familiar face.

I have discovered that the more you push yourself or your service on someone, the less you stand out. The people who really stand out in my mind are those who have offered to help me or have asked what they can do for me. When you are that person, people will naturally be attracted to you, and in turn, will freely give or help you when you need it.

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