Are video games hurting or helping your child?

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Are video games hurting or helping your child?

Most people would automatically answer that video games are bad for children. While most experts would agree with this, there are some experts that have spoken out saying that there are benefits socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically from playing video games.

Research has been done to show that video games teach kids high-level thinking skills. They can also aid in teaching your child how to work in a team and to develop social and leadership skills. Some games require for kids to work together to build a plan, which helps form listening skills.

Because the world is becoming high tech quickly, it is inevitable that your child will be introduced to video games. By allowing them to play in small amounts your child can be taught computer technology, social networking, and media skills. Depending on the video game, your child can be exposed to many new learning experiences, and can improve reading, problem, and logic skills.

Although there are benefits of video games, there is plenty of research to prove there are drawbacks. Everything must be done in moderation. While it is not the end of the world to feed your child fast food, you do not want to make a habit of doing it every day. The same goes for video games. Allowing your child to play video games all day and for many hours at a time is very unhealthy. Children need a balance of physical activity and face-to-face communication.

Studies have shown that sometimes children who play video games too much have a false sense of reality. They are able to accomplish large things during their game, but in reality they have done little to nothing productive. It is crucial to child’s health and mind to not let this become the case.

Work to create a healthy balance. This will ensure that they receive the benefits without dealing with too many of the drawbacks. Become educated on what games are best for your child’s learning. Most importantly, make a decision based on your specific child and their needs.

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