Carbon Fiber Bikes and the Hidden Dangers

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Carbon Fiber Bikes and the Hidden Dangers

Bicycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities in America. For some it is a great form of exercise and for others it is a great method and means for transportation. Due to the popularity of cycling, bicycles have become advanced, lighter and come with innovative parts. Bicycle parts are most frequently made with carbon fiber.  Unfortunately, not all carbon fiber is made equal.

Most carbon fiber material found in bicycles is made in China and Taiwan. Due to many factors including the quality, manufacturing and poor standards, the carbon fiber manufactured oversees can become defective and break while a cyclist is riding. For an advanced cyclist riding 25 mph or a cyclist riding alongside heavy traffic, if your bike breaks, you could be thrown forward and in significant danger.

Many times people think that they are buying an American or European made product, but they are actually buying a product made with several or almost all foreign products. And while federal law requires that all component parts be labeled with the country of origin, many times manufacturers are very good at hiding the label on its parts. They often can place the label in a place that is not noticeable or inside the part itself.

Bicycle crashes are much more severe than car accidents and usually end in severe injuries or death for some. There is limited crash protection other than a helmet and little structure to absorb impact. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident due to a defective product, you could have a potential product liability case. Be sure to preserve the bicycle as evidence and consult with an experienced attorney who can retain experts to help you with the case.

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