Cobb County Fatal Accident Kills Man Injures 12-year-old boy

Too often, car drivers can cause a fatal accident by not looking for motorcyclists. While many times, this is not a problem, as motorcyclists are not a majority of the motorists on the road, this can occasionally come to tragic results. Such was the case in Cobb County in a tragic fatal accident involving a motorcycle and a van.

The accident happened when a motorcyclist had been driving down a residential street. As the motorcycle traveled, a van in front of the motorcycle attempted to turn left, doing so right in the motorcyclist’s path. The motorcyclist, apparently unable to stop, struck the van at the driver’s side.

The accident at this time is still under investigation. However, the results of the accident are unfortunately all too clear. The motorcyclist, a 35-year-old man, was pronounced dead the next morning. His passenger, a 12-year-old boy fortunately is expected to survive, though he sustained unspecified non-life-threatening injuries. The family inside of the van was uninjured.

As police continue their investigation in Cobb County, it is hopeful that they will be able to determine the particulars of the crash, if only to provide some sense of closure for the people involved. Depending on the results of the accident, if this accident occurred as a result of negligence, it may be possible for those who were affected by this fatal accident to receive monetary compensation for any medical expenses or final expenses that may have been incurred as well as any pain and suffering and other damages incurred. Though nothing can bring back the man who was lost, they may at least be able to prevent the human tragedy from becoming a financial one as well.

Source: East Cobb, GA Patch, “Motorcylist Dies in East Cobb Crash,” Aug. 17, 2012

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