Georgia car accident leads to pedestrian injuries

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Georgia car accident leads to pedestrian injuries

Walking through a parking lot of any kind of store can be dangerous for anyone if drivers pulling in and out are not aware of people or vehicles around them. For one Georgia pedestrian hanging out in a convenience store parking lot, being in the wrong spot at the wrong time when a driver lost control may have led to his injuries from a car accident. The accident happened just after noon on a Sunday.

A man who authorities believe is in his 50s was in the parking lot when a car came along. He was standing near a propane filling station when the accident occurred. The car struck the man and pinned him in between the car and the wall of the store.

Witnesses at the scene contend they heard the car rev its motor just before it went up on the curb and hit the man who was standing there. The driver told police on the scene that his accelerator was stuck. The victim suffered a leg injury and was also bleeding. It is unclear if the driver will face any criminal or traffic charges. Moreover, the extent of the victim’s injuries was not further detailed.

Leg injuries, such as the one the man suffered in this car accident, can lead to missed work time — which potentially translates into lost wages. The victim retains the right to pursue a civil claim for monetary damages against the driver and any separate owner of the vehicle involved in this pedestrian accident. A successful litigation could result in an award of monetary damages ordered by a Georgia court that could help alleviate the costs of the accident, including medical bills and lost wages.


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