GM fund approves 3 new death claims to 107 – The Detroit News

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GM fund approves 3 new death claims to 107 – The Detroit News

By David Shepardson and Melissa Burden

Georgia attorney Lance Cooper said in an interview last week that some cases are being denied because there is not enough proof the ignition switch defect caused a crash or the injuries or fatalities. His firm has had 20 denials from the fund, including 11 that deaths claims.

“Unfortunately, GM is benefiting to a certain extent from the fact that a lot of these crashes are so old that lots of the evidence is gone,” he said. “And therefore it’s hard for an individual to prove that the ignition switch defect caused their crash and their injuries.”

Cooper believes the death toll will continue to grow. The Cooper Firm in Marietta, Georgia, is still waiting to hear back on 13 claims, including seven that are deaths. He said if the fund denies his clients’ claim and the firm feels it has strong evidence that GM’s ignition switch is involved in fatality, the firm is filing lawsuits.

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