Just Keep Fighting – Featured Clients Robert and SheriLynn Meyer


Just Keep Fighting – Featured Clients Robert and SheriLynn Meyer

In August 2008, Robert Meyer  was driving a 2006 Chevy Cobalt when he inexplicably lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. The airbags did not deploy and he broke his spine.  Our office later discovered, after hiring investigators, that Robert lost control due to a defective ignition switch that General Motors had failed to recall.  The failure of his airbag to deploy confirmed the switch failure, which cut power to the air bags.  After being airlifted to the hospital, Robert was diagnosed as a quadriplegic, and his life was forever changed. The doctor told him he would be unable to walk or do anything on his own again, but Robert did not give up hope. Even in the midst of a very difficult time, Robert told himself that he would make this better.

He started working hard in rehab, and in just four short months Robert was walking with a walker.  Just six and half years later, Robert has made dramatic improvements. He is able to do things for himself, like getting a glass of water and feeding himself, when the doctor said he would never be able to complete those tasks.  “Don’t let them ever tell you no,” Robert shared.  “Never give up hope and always keep fighting.”  Robert now enjoys car rides and getting out of the house.  He also likes playing board games with his fourteen-year-old daughter.

Robert and his wife SheriLynn are a great examples of the power of belief and show what can happen when you never ever give up.  Despite Robert’s challenging and life-altering accident, Robert and SheriLynn have a hope each day will bring new blessings.  All of our team at The Cooper Firm are grateful we had the opportunity to help Robert and SheriLynn.

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