Multi-vehicle car accident leads to many injuries

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Multi-vehicle car accident leads to many injuries

Whenever any kind of crime is committed and alleged perpetrators use a vehicle to get away, accidents can occur and innocent people may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. One Georgia car accident reportedly caused by a group fleeing a situation led to eight people suffering injuries. The incident also resulted in three people facing criminal charges for their role in the accident.

An SUV reportedly struck a car that then collided with another SUV. The original SUV left the scene and subsequently hit another four vehicles. After the accidents, three SUV occupants tried to flee the scene. They were apparently apprehended within minutes.

In all, eight people involved were injured as a result of the incident. Two of injured were listed as children. The three people arrested face charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault. The driver involved reportedly also had a gunshot wound to his hand when he was apprehended.

The driver and passengers who initiated the incidents are facing criminal charges for the accident and other unspecified actions. However, due to the nature of and the number of injuries suffered by those who were in their path, there may be cause for civil litigation in a Georgia civil court. Our state laws support the right of victims injured due to the negligent or reckless conduct of others to pursue claims for reimbursement of monetary damages sustained. The car accident may have left innocent victims with medical bills, lost wages or other expenses. Damages sought and potentially won in a civil court case against the driver may help alleviate those unexpected expenses.

Source: CBS Atlanta 46, “Driver of SUV causes two accidents in Midtown,” Mandi Milligan, March 22, 2013

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