New firefighters to be hired in Cobb County

Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services are hiring new firefighters for the first time since 2009. The department currently has 637 firefighters, 45 less than full staffing. The new hiring will only allow the department to add 24 firefighters due to the county cutting funding for 33 positions in its 2010 budget.

“We are expecting in excess of 1,000 applicants,” Training Division Chief William Tanks said, which is many more applications than positions available. Mr. Tanks expects many of the applicants to be great candidates for the job.

The application period will continue through December 23. The salary will begin at $38,355 in annual pay.

Selected applicants must pass oral, written and physical examinations as well as undergo background checks, drug screenings, and polygraph tests before beginning their training, which isn’t expected to start until next summer. Training will take about 30 weeks meaning new recruits will not begin work at the station until 2013.

Applicants who do not make the final 24 can be put on a waiting list and be asked to train in coming months. Cobb Fire is looking for a diverse group that is willing to perform EMT services and paramilitary duties. Trainees should be prepared to deal with the cold of winter and the heat of summer during the course of their training and should be prepared to work hard.

Cobb Fire last hired new firefighters in 2009, leading to 34 new firefighters in two classes, who began training in January and June 2010.

Applications can be found on the Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services website.

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