Safety Tips While Sharing the Road with Large Trucks and Buses

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How to avoid tractor trailer and bus accidents

Many people think that large vehicles such as tractor trailers and buses are usually at fault for accidents and injuries, but The Center for Advanced Public Safety found that passenger vehicles were the cause of fatal crashes 78 percent of the time. Even though passenger vehicles should expect good safety habits from truck and bus drivers, passenger vehicle drivers should also remember special safety habits when driving around these large vehicles.

Because of the design of large trucks and buses, there are many opportunities for passenger vehicles to be caught in blind spots. These large vehicles also have trouble maneuvering and braking as quickly as passenger vehicles.

Here are a few good safety tips to practice while driving next to large vehicles:

–          Avoid blind spots or being on either side of trucks or buses. Always try to drive safely in front of or behind the large vehicle with a good amount of distance in between your vehicle and the truck or bus.

–          Do not follow too closely to large trucks or buses. Because of their size, it can be difficult to anticipate stops and can increase the difficulty of changing lanes.

–          Do not cut in front of large trucks or buses. Large tractor trailers need almost the length of a football field to make a complete stop.

–          Always use proper signals when changing lanes around large trucks or buses.

–          Remember that tractor trailer trucks and buses need a wider berth to turn. Make sure you are not in a position that could squeeze you in between objects or vehicles.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a large truck or bus accident, contact an attorney as quickly as possible to protect your rights.

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