Sepsis: The Deadly Infection

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Sepsis: The Deadly Infection

What starts as a minor infection can become a fight for your life. It occurs in 1-2% of all hospitalizations in the United States, affects over 1.6 million Americans a year, and out of those 258,000 die.

Sepsis can harm a person at any age and any physical state, making it an illness everyone should be aware of. Sepsis is when the body has a severe response to bacteria or germs. It is sometimes referred to as systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). It is a form a blood poisoning and the body’s often toxic response to infection or injury. It can cause blood clotting, inflammation, and failure of vital organs which can lead to death. Not only is sepsis a killer, but it is a fast killer.

The problem is not that doctors do not know how to treat sepsis, it’s that they commonly overlook it. Many healthcare providers can become numb in the day to day operations. Do not be afraid to ask your physician if they have considered sepsis. Demanding that someone see you immediately can be crucial.

Some of the symptoms include:


-Confusion delirium




-Rapid heartbeat


-Skin rash

– Swelling

-Decreased Urination


-Nausea and vomiting

If you or someone you know is ever experiencing symptoms like this be sure you go to the doctor immediately and do not let them out rule sepsis. The risk of death increases 7.6% with every hour that passes without treatment. The treatment usually includes lots of oxygen and large amounts of fluid through IVs.

Remember that sepsis can develop from a bacterial infection, virus, parasites, or fungal infection. Be aware of the symptoms and always practice safety by washing your hands properly and preventing infections from happening.

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