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The Safety Institute Announces Quarterly Vehicle Safety Watch List: Tracking Top 15 Potential Vehicle Defects

February 6, 2015

News Release February 6, 2015 The Safety Institute Announces Quarterly Vehicle Safety Watch List: Tracking Top 15 Potential Vehicle Defects February 6, 2015 – Today, The Safety Institute is releasing its latest quarterly Vehicle Safety Watch List. For the third quarter in a row, potential power steering issues affecting the 2012 Ford Focus top the list. (See first and second quarterly Watch List). In addition,…

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Honda’s $70 million fine: Why Early Warning Reports Rarely Detect Early Enough

January 20, 2015

Honda’s $70 million fine: Why Early Warning Reports Rarely Detect Early Enough Honda, the Japanese automaker, recently paid $70 million in fines due to a data entry glitch. The glitch failed to report 1,729 death and injury claims to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Early Warning Reporting (EWR) system. Honda had learned…

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The Safety Institute Launches Vehicle Safety Watch List Analytics

April 23, 2014

Vehicle Safety Watch List Analytics The Safety Institute announced today that it is launching the Vehicle Safety Watch List Analytics and NHTSA Enforcement Monitoring Program. Sponsored by Lance Cooper, of the Cooper Firm in Marietta, Ga., in memory of Brooke Melton, who died in a 2010 crash caused by the sudden failure of the ignition in her 2005 Chevy…

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