When can bullying become a crime?

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Bullying has been affecting a large number of individuals for many years. Studies show that bullying done during childhood development can have a lasting impact on individuals causing trauma, anxiety, and panic attacks later in life. Although many agree that bullying is wrong, nothing has been able to create a dent in the issue that seems impossible to solve.

Though there are few solutions to solve bullying altogether, there are forms of bullying and cyber bulling that are considered a crime. In these cases, legal action can be taken. We compiled a short list to help you decipher when bullying can be considered a crime.

1. When there is physical assault.

2. Harassment based on a protected characteristic such as race or gender.

3. Making violent or death threats.

4. Obscene or harassing phone calls and text.

5. Sexting.

6. Sexual exploitation.

7. Child pornography.

8. Stalking.

9. Hate Crimes. Hate crimes are crimes that are motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice that usually are acted out with violence.

10. Extortions. Bullying through extortions is when something is obtained like personal object or money through force or threats.

11. Cyberbullying. When any of the above is done through the internet it is called cyberbullying and can be considered a crime.

If you or someone you know has experienced bullying through one of these forms, make sure to seek help and report the incident. Although it may be difficult to talk about these situations it is important to prevent the bully from bothering you or anyone else in the future.

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