Unsolved hit-and-run truck accident devastates Georgia family

Anytime there is a death by car or truck accident, there are often questions as to how it happened or how it could have been avoided. However, when a tragic hit-and-run truck accident recently took the lives of a Georgia mom and her toddler daughter, not knowing who caused the deaths has made the loss even harder to bear. The family left behind from the tragic highway hit-and-run just before Christmas has taken to the media to help find information about the case.

The accident occurred as a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were in their SUV on Interstate 75 in Bartow County, Georgia. According to reports, the SUV was swiped by a tractor-trailer, causing the woman to leave the road and hit the guardrail. The SUV then caught fire. The driver of the truck kept going north on the highway.

The family indicated that the mother and child were Christmas shopping just prior to the collision and that there were presents in the SUV. The fire apparently was so intense that the family says they have not even been able to recover the woman’s wedding ring. The police contend they have not found the truck driver but they have released a description of the truck. It was allegedly a maroon-colored Peterbilt truck and it had orange fenders. There is a reward for information that helps solve this hit-and-run.

The family has stated that they are now financially struggling. Having a tragedy such as this occur on the Georgia highway will surely lead to further financial strain for those left behind. Any kind of hit-and-run truck accident that results in death may possibly lead to criminal charges when the driver is found. Along with the criminal charges and possible sentence, Georgia courts allow for potential civil actions to be filed that may end in the awarding of damages for surviving family members.

Source: wsbtv.com, “Family wants answers in hit-and-run death,” Shae Rozzi, Jan. 16, 2013

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