8-year-old girl gets tongue stuck in metal water bottle

An 8-year-old girl in Georgia, Jayla Small, was left traumatized after she got her tongue stuck in her water bottle last week. After paramedics and doctors were unable to remove the bottle, the young girl was taken into emergency surgery.

The girl’s mother, Shantay Small, is now warning other parents to be careful so that it doesn’t happen to another child. She said that all three of her children have one of these water bottles that they use all the time and had never had a problem until Jayla’s incident.

Jayla was at cheerleading practice when it happened. The coaches called 911 after they were unable to help her remove the bottle. When the paramedics arrived they were also unable to remove it, so she was rushed to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.

The doctors were shocked when she arrived at the hospital. They took many different approaches to removing the water bottle such as punching holes in it and cutting off the bottom, but they were still unsuccessful.

After several hours Jayla’s tongue had swollen inside the container and the bottle had drifted so far back in her mouth that she began to gag. Doctors then rushed her into emergency surgery.

The doctors were able to remove the bottle in a one hour surgery. They then placed her on antibiotics and gave her an antiseptic mouthwash and spray to help with the swelling. Doctors also believe that she may need to undergo speech therapy due to possible nerve damage.

The event has been very traumatizing for the young girl who can’t drink from straws and has to have all of her food pureed.

Small says the water bottle was metal with a small opening, but the specific brand of the bottle is not known.

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