Boxer Paul Williams trying to avoid car accident gets his spine severed

Nobody is immune from the effects of a car accident. Even those who are normally strong and powerful can succumb to a bad car accident. This is particularly evident in a recent crash between a car and motorcyclist when the motorcyclist, well-known boxer Paul Williams, was seriously injured in Marietta.

The accident happened when Williams was visiting Marietta to attend his brother’s wedding. However, what should have been a joyous time ended in tragedy. After an oncoming car headed toward him, he swerved to avoid the vehicle. Unfortunately, though he avoided the car, he was thrown from his bike.

When he landed on his back and head, he severed his spinal cord. Because of his injuries, he is now paralyzed from his waist down. Doctors have told him that he will never walk again. He is currently listed in serious condition and was scheduled to undergo surgery to stabilize his upper body. He was wearing a helmet in the crash, which probably kept this accident from turning into a fatality.

It is remarkable that such a vibrant young man with such a promising boxing career could be the victim of such a horrifying crash. Those that know him personally are still reeling from the shock. While he is reported to be in high spirits, it is clear that he has a very long and difficult road to travel.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are caught in a car accident and have to perform drastic measures in order avoid getting get hit or killed by a careless driver. Many times, even when they wear the best safety equipment available, they are seriously injured, just as Williams. As the boxer recovers, it is hoped that he finds the strength to meet his newest challenge and that his injury will help remind drivers to look out for motorcyclists on the roadways.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Boxer Paul Williams paralyzed in motorcycle crash,” Bob Velin, May 29, 2012

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