How Can Electronic Stability Control Save Your Life?

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Electronic Stability Control Reduce Risk

Research shows that about half of the fatal vehicle crashes involve a single vehicle. Vehicles with Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, can reduce this risk by more than 50 percent.

When a driver makes a hard turn or swerves, the vehicle may either under-steer or over-steer causing loss of control and a collision. If the driver under-steered, he turned the wheel less than he intended and continued in a forward direction. If the driver over-steered, he turned the steering wheel more than intended resulting in the rear end to spin or slide. ESC can prevent both of these scenarios by briefly braking the appropriate wheel.

How does ESC work? Well, your vehicle has speed sensors and brakes attached to each wheel. ESC monitors the steering wheel’s angle and the vehicle’s rotation to detect when the vehicle is about to go in a direction that is different from the direction indicated by the position of the steering wheel. The ESC will immediately brake the appropriate wheel to help prevent the driver from losing control and, in many cases, reduce the power to the engine, slowing the vehicle down. ESC systems are particularly helpful in preventing loss of control which results in vehicle rollovers and for preventing loss of control while driving on slippery surfaces. Consumer Reports even shared that, “Electronic Stability Control is the best safety feature to come out since seat belts.”

Visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website to see if your vehicle has ESC.

For more information on Electronic Stability Control, you can visit our blog here.

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