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Existing and satisfied clients are one of your biggest resources for future business and success. They share positive reviews and they work as a referral to others. Because they may not understand the depth of what the attorney did for their case, or the knowledge of the attorney they deal with, they judge your firm by the service and quality of service they receive. Never settle with “good enough” when performing work for your clients.

Here are some tips on how to ensure that your client gets the best customer service.

Update your clients on a regular basis.

Email is an extremely effective and cost-efficient means of keeping clients informed on the status of their case. Send them reminders, inquiries, and quick updates on their case. Customers will appreciate your point of contact with them and the information they receive. Make sure you follow up with a phone call if they have any questions or concerns.

Along with sending out email updates, also copy them on letters you send out about their case. Be sure not to copy them on the email communications with opposing counsel of parties in their case. You do not want a client to accidentally “reply all” to your emails.

Be clear and up front with clients from the beginning.

It is important that your clients clearly understand the work you will be performing on their case. You should always set realistic expectations for the outcome and let them know how you are going to meet those expectations. Make sure to give them a time frame as to how long you expect their case to take. Sometimes clients assume that hiring an attorney will be a quick resolution. Go through the steps that you will need to get them the best outcome for their case.

Be extremely courteous and professional with your clients.

Your clients most likely did not choose to be in this situation. Always treat them and their case with respect. Success will be built by building relationships with your clients. I treat my clients like good friends. I ask them details about their life, vacations, families, and activities beyond the scope of my representation. I genuinely care about my clients, and I want them to know that.

“Go the extra mile” for your clients

Never settle with “good enough” when performing work for your clients. When you are updating your clients on their case, always go above and beyond what is required. Provide slightly more information than you think they will need. You will find many opportunities to do so with your clients and in each individual case. Always take these opportunities when they present themselves. Your clients will notice and appreciate it.

Exceeding customer satisfaction can be one of the biggest assets to your firm and the best free marketing tool your company could ask for.

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