Fatal Accident Claims Georgia Motorcyclist

In some cases, bikers are able to avoid fatal accidents by wearing approved safety helmets. These helmets can absorb the impact that may occur if the biker is unfortunate enough to find themselves in a motorcycle accident. However, though it is essential safety equipment for any biker, protective head gear was not enough to save a Georgia biker killed in a fatal accident on March 11.

The 22-year-old motorcyclist was riding his motorcycle at about 10 p.m., when a car hit him. Flown by helicopter to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, the man died there from injuries sustained from the accident.

The car driver left the scene of the fatal accident without disclosing his identity. However, Georgia State Patrol investigators are hopeful to locate him, and they are often able to find hit-and-run drivers. From a nearby security camera maintained by the Racetrac convenience store at the intersection, investigators know that the person they seek is male.

Riding a motorcycle has its own inherent risks, but those do not excuse the negligent actions of others, particularly if the wrongdoing causes a fatal accident. While the details of this incident are not yet clear, the family will likely be interested to see the findings included in the official police report of the collision. For the family of the victim, there is nothing that can replace this young man, but as the investigation continues, they may decide that a wrongful death claim is appropriate. In reaching that determination they will necessarily focus on the evidence obtained from the crash as they consider whether or not to turn to the Florida courts to hold negligent parties fully responsible for their conduct.

Source: The Florida Times Union, “State patrol seeking man who left the scene of fatal motorcycle crash,” Terry Dickson, March 12, 2012

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