Glynn County’s Commissioner Shot in Head

Tom Sublett’s, Glynn County’s Commissioner, was found dead in the Frederica River at St. Simons Island on December 11. The Police Department responded after his wife, Carol Sublett, reported him missing. When found, his hands were bound in front of him with plastic ties, and he had been shot once in the head.

Police found more zip tie straps, a loaded gun magazine, and loose bullets in Sublett’s car parked in Gascoigne Bluff Park near where his body was found. Investigators later found an empty prescription bottle with the label removed and an empty prescription bottle with his wife’s name on the label in his 2005 Toyota Avalon. He had last been seen at a friend’s house playing a low-stakes poker game. Investigators tracked his GPS on his car and found that he had dropped off a friend and then started driving towards St. Simons Island where he lived.

The investigation is ongoing, but the police are conducting it as a homicide investigation, although suicide has not been ruled out. Officials are offering a $50,000 reward for evidence leading to the arrest or conviction of his death.

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