Honda Recalls 100k Odyssey Minivans for Faulty Door Latch


Honda Recalls 100k Odyssey MiniVans for Faulty Door Latch

Honda recently announced a safety recall for over 100k 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey vans. According to the manufacturer, the power door mechanism on both sides of the vehicle are prone to sticking an can unintentionally be left open. If not properly closed, the doors may open while the vehicle is in motion and increase the risk of injury for any passengers. Honda has not received any reported injuries as of today.

Honda plans to notify consumers in the middle of December if their vehicle is affected. They can expect a licensed Honda dealer to repair the issue for free with the manufacturer supplied fix kits. Honda has reported a low current inventory of fix kits with plans to supply more next month. In the interim, Honda suggests all Odyssey owners to disable the power door and close the door manually. This will better ensure the safety of the passengers in the vehicle.

Honda Odyssey owners should visit Honda’s website for more information on the recall or call 1-888-234-2138 and mention the recall numbers Z33 and O36. We also encourage consumers to visit NHTSA online and enter your VIN to see if any active recalls are reported for your vehicle.

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