New Verizon FamilyBase App Helps Teen Parents

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FamilyBase App Helps Parents Protect Teens

Nearly 78% of teens have a cell phone and three in four of those teens have access to the internet. If you know a teenager, it is safe to say, they like to use their smartphones. Most teens have access to texting, video chatting, and apps with social networking. The way teens can communicate with others is endless, which can leave parents worried.

Verizon recently came out with an app called Verizon FamilyBase. The app can be a great tool to use in addition to your frequent and open conversations with your teen about their technology use. FamilyBase assists parents by keeping track of who their teens are communicating with, how frequently, and what apps they are using.

With some apps encouraging teens to talk to strangers, FamilyBase can be a great tool to help you prevent that. It is always a good idea to do your own research on the different apps your teen has on their phone and what features allow or promote connections with strangers. FamilyBase can send you notifications when your teen adds a new contact to their phone, helping you  keep track of who your teen is talking with. The Verizon app can also give you updates on how much time your teen is spending on certain apps. This is beneficial in tracking how much time your teen is spending on picture and video sharing apps which can become very dangerous or areas for bullying.

One of the best features of FamilyBase is its ability to tell when your teen is using their smartphone. This can help parents see if their teen is using their cell phone late at night, past curfew, or when they are driving. Although this app never prevents your teen from making bad decisions, FamilyBase can help you as a parent to stay involved and help aid them in making responsible choices.

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