NHTSA Revises Reporting of Tire-Related Fatalities


NHTSA Revises Reporting of Tire-Related Fatalities

For many years, NHTSA has reported on the number of tire-related fatalities in the United States. These numbers are derived from numerous nation and local studies completed on accidents occurring across the country. One report, National Automotive Sampling System/Crash-worthiness Data System, has been relied upon the most. Data from this report has influenced and applauded improvements made in the tire industry with regards to safety and crash-worthiness. The problem is that there are too many reports with vastly different results—and NASS/CDS was conveniently the most favorable for the tire industry.

In 2014, a study commissioned by The Safety Institute challenged the figures provided by NHTSA regarding tire-related fatalities. It’s taken 4 years, but NHTSA has recently announced they are revising the current method and relying upon additional data when reporting fatalities, even if that means increasing the total number traffic fatalities reported on their website and losing favor with the Tire Industry Association.

Read the full investigative report by Sean Kane with Safety Research & Strategies here.

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