The Rules for Riding your Bike

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Rules for Riding your Bike

Many people do not think that there are very many rules for riding your bike with traffic considering that motor vehicles can be much more damaging if involved in an accident, but that is not the case. A bicyclist is considered a motorist. This means that they must follow all the traffic laws. If they do not obey the laws, they can be written a ticket just like any other vehicle driver would be.

Here are some rules for riding your bike that you may not have known:

-Bikers cannot bike against the direction of traffic. Riding against traffic makes you more susceptible to blind spots of oncoming traffic.

-Signaling. Some bicycles are equipped with turning signals, but for those who aren’t, the biker is still responsible for signaling to traffic which direction they are turning in. For right turn or lane change, the biker must extend their right hand straight out. For a left turn or lane change they must extend their left arm straight out. To signal stopping, the biker must bend their right arm down 90 degrees at the elbow.

-Reflectors. In every state, it is required for a bicycle to have red lights on the back and front as well as white reflectors. It can be very difficult for a driver to see a bicyclist, so reflectors aid in making the bike more visible.

-Sidewalks. In Georgia, it is illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk if you are over the age of twelve. It can be common for vehicle drivers to be upset that there are bicycles on the road, but unless there is a marked bike lane that is where the bicyclist should be riding.

Were you aware of these rules before now? Share with us your thoughts.

There are many other laws for bicyclist. Visit your states website or for more information.

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