Sexual predators using modern technology resulting in victims of attacks, serious injury and death

We live in a technology driven world, from computers and the internet, cell phones, blogging, and on-line personal journals to name a few. Time tested parenting rules no longer apply. It is important for parents to have the education, knowledge and understanding of these modern technologies so that they can be fully aware and able to deter and prevent predators from making their families victims. Many predators pretend to be what they are not. What may start out as innocent conversations and friendships often opens the door for potential face to face liaisons. Parents must teach their children to be aware, recognize questionable behavior and have open lines of communication when a child feel they are in harms way.

Virtually every technology provider has parental controls and information to help guide parents in the protection and safety of their children. The parenting challenge is to stay “one click” ahead of would be child-predators. Teach your children to be critical thinkers when using the technologies you provide to them. Be sure they understand basic technology socializing safety. Be open to discussions with your children. Listen in a way that is nonjudgmental and nondistracted.

Some of the following web sites provide families with current issues and safety measures:

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