Senior Discount for Energy Bills

There are senior discounts available to customers of Georgia Power and AGL. Customers of Georgia Power Company and AGL who are 65 and older and have a total household income of $14,355 or less qualify to receive the senior citizen’s discount.

Georgia Power Company customers can be eligible for a $14 monthly discount which is applied to the customer’s pre-fuel monthly bill amount. Seniors who are eligible for the discount may also receive $6 per month fuel credit to their bills. The electric service must be individually metered and in the senior’s name.

Click here for a copy of the Georgia Power Senior Discount application.

AGL customers can be eligible for the $14 monthly credit which is applied to the Atlanta Gas Light base charges portion of the montyly bill the senior receives from his natural gas marketer of choice.

Click here for a copy of the AGL Senior Discount application.

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