2 Drivers Killed in Georgia Car Accident

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2 Drivers Killed in Georgia Car Accident

When an accident claims the lives of everyone involved, it may be difficult to determine culpability. However, it is still possible to pinpoint an exact cause, and a case may still be made for wrongful death against the family or estate of the driver who is deemed responsible for the car crash. One such car accident situation is currently under investigation in Georgia.

According to news reports, a man driving a BMW swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic. He hit a 29-year-old woman driving a Honda Civic. Both of the drivers died at the scene of the crash.

The car accident is currently being investigated. There were no passengers with either of the drivers at the time. It remains to be seen why the man veered into the wrong lane and hit the female driver.

While having no survivors makes this car accident harder to solve, investigations can still turn up evidence that may point to a conclusive cause. In some incidents, the deceased driver who was deemed responsible for the death of another may have been impaired or may have been negligent in other ways. If the family of the woman in this Georgia car accident uncovers evidence that the other driver was negligent, they may file a claim against his estate seeking reimbursement of monetary damages sustained. A successfully litigated civil claim in a Georgia court against an estate may yield damages that could help cover the unexpected cost of funeral arrangements or other damages incurred from the accident.

Source: CBS Atlanta 46, “2 killed in Forsyth County crash,” March 12, 2013

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