Bartow County Parking Incident

Bartow County Parking Incident

Bartow County Board of Education member Angie Cornett, was arrested for reckless conduct after striking a teenager in a Walmart parking lot. Emily Gulledge, 17, a senior at Adairsville high school was saving a parking spot for her brother’s girlfriend who had recently given birth. When Gulledge refused to move, Cornett sped forward into the spot hitting Gulledge. After striking the girl, Cornett backed out and pulled into another parking spot where she called the police.

Cornett denied striking Gulledge at the scene. She stated that she was pulling into the parking spot next to buggies and the girl was just standing there, and she stopped once the girl leaned against her car. The deputy at the scene stated that “From observing the video and the marks on [complainant] leg, it was evident that the Lexus being driven by Angela was used with such velocity that it obviously endangered the bodily safety of [complainant].
Angela consciously disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk by striking [complainant] with her vehicle which constituted a gross deviation from the standard of care which a reasonable person would exercise in the same situation.” Although Gulledge was not seriously injured, there are pictures from the Bartow County Sherriff Department showing black tire marks on her jeans.

Officer Sgt. Jonathon Rogers stated in the press conference that, “Obviously if you are in any kind of disagreement in a public area like that, I would suggest you separate yourself from the whole scene.” It is always a wise choice to remove yourself so there are not serious consequences as this case proves.

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