Cobalt Cover-Up by Lance A. Cooper

Cobalt Cover-Up by Lance Cooper

Cobalt Cover-Up by Lance A. Cooper

Cobalt Cover-UpIn 2010, Ken and Beth Melton lost their daughter Brooke in a deadly accident when she inexplicably lost control of her Chevy Cobalt. Georgia lawyer Lance Cooper agreed to investigate the cause of the crash which appeared to be Brooke’s fault. He was shocked to uncover evidence of a defect that caused at least 124 deaths, all concealed by General Motors for nearly a decade.

In a David vs. Goliath case, the small-town lawyer stood up to one of the most powerful auto corporations to get justice for Brooke and her family. He risked his reputation and his practice in his relentless pursuit for justice, and ultimately, transformed an entire industry.

Cobalt Cover-Up is his incredible story.

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