Experts Warn Many Backyard Decks Collapse

During the summer months many people spend a lot of time on their decks in the backyard barbecuing, relaxing, and spending time with friends and family. Many people assume that this is a safe activity, but they can be wrong.

Experts are saying that people can get hurt, or even fatally injured, because many decks are not built correctly. If this happens, it could collapse right under your feet without warning.

One incident of a deck collapsing happened in Indiana when a group of teenagers were taking prom pictures. Luckily everyone walked away unharmed but not everyone is so lucky.

In another incident in Austin, Texas, a group of people were having a late-night party when the deck collapsed. Dozens were hurt and rushed to the hospital with broken bones and lacerations.

Accidents like these happen every summer and most people never give it much thought. Home inspectors say that they see warning signs all the time, and about 80 percent of the decks they inspect have safety issues.

One of the main reasons decks collapse so easily is because most are made with nails. Nails are smooth and can come out very easily, so it is better to use screws and bolts. Rotting and splintered wood are other factors that could cause a deck to collapse.

Even though deaths from deck accidents are rare, injuries are common. To prevent injuries from happening it is important to check your deck at least once a year. Checking for bolts and screws only takes about five minutes and it could prevent the worst from happening.

If there is a problem don’t try to fix it yourself. Call for a home inspection so that everything is done correctly.

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