Mom loses son and arm in tragic Georgia truck accident

Anybody who has suffered through a truck accident knows the pain that can be involved in such an accident. Even when there is no actual collision involved, trucks seem to have an ominous presence on our roadways simply due to their size and lack or maneuverability. Unfortunately for one woman, a freak truck accident in Georgia caused the death of her son as well as the amputation of her arm.

The accident happened when a part from a passing truck fell off and crashed into an SUV. The part shattered the windshield of the SUV. The two passengers of the SUV, a mother and her 8-year-old son, were seriously injured by the accident. Her son died as a result of the accident, whereas the mother ultimately lost her arm.

For the mother who lost her son, the tragedy of the accident affects her daily, and she reports feeling debilitating pain from the loss of her arm. However, as hard as that loss is, it is nowhere near the level of pain and suffering that she feels from the loss of her son. When she heard that her son had died from the accident, slightly before she was put under surgery to amputate part of her arm, she cried until she finally fell under anesthesia. She still admits, even a month after the accident, of going into his room to talk with him. Worst yet, her younger daughter reportedly still doesn’t understand that her brother is gone, which only makes the mother’s pain worse as she continually tries to console her daughter.

For any parent, it is hard to get over the loss of a child, especially one so young. As she struggles to come to terms with what happened, she retains the right to sue under Georgia law for the wrongful death of her child as well as for the serious injuries she sustained in the truck accident. Nothing can undo what has already occurred, but successful civil litigation can help keep the personal tragedy from becoming a financial one as well.

Source: CBS Atlanta 46, “Mother who lost son and arm in freak accident shares story,” Bernard Watson, Aug. 9, 2012

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