Exploding Glass Ovens are Causing Serious Injuries

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Exploding Glass Ovens are Causing Serious Injuries

Glass Ovens are exploding without warning and causing serious injuries. Investigators say the issue is severe and are requesting the products be recalled.

In the past year, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received 123 complaints of glass ovens shattering. One oven in particular has had more complaints than the others. The Kenmore 790 model, received the most complaints from CPSC at 52. The Safety Institute, a safety advocacy group, looked further and compiled 337 complaints over four years related to glass ovens exploding. Out of those complaints, 286 were for the Kenmore 790 model. Due to the overwhelming amount of complaints, The Safety Institute, along with other safety advocacy groups are urging the CPSC to recall these ovens.

A recall would ensure consumer’s safety and that no one else is injured from these ovens. Out of the reports The Safety Institute compiled, many included injuries including cuts and burns. Many complaints also shared a common concern over young children and animals being close to the stove when the explosion happens and how severe injuries could be as a result. The reports mentioned that in almost every incident the oven handle became loose or fell off along with the glass shattering.

Sears would not do anything for the consumers out of warranty, and even charged for service calls, repairs or purchase of an extended warranty if the consumer had an expired warranty.

Unfortunately, Kenmore is not the only product that should be investigated for this issue. The internet has dozens of other complaints for manufacturers such as GE and Frigidaire with similar problems. Burns and other kitchen injuries can be expected, but not something such as an oven exploding. Consumers should be able to trust that manufacturers make a product that isn’t dangerous to stand next to or open.

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Source: The Safety Institute

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