Injured by a defective product?

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Injured by a defective product?

Defective products can be very dangerous and can often times cause injuries or even wrongful death. In order for a product to be defective it must be either defectively designed, defectively made, or there must be a failure to warn of the dangers associated with the product’s normal use. In order to pursue a product liability/defective product claim, one must prove that the defective product was the cause of their injuries. One must also prove that they sustained compensatory damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain, and impairment. Product liability cases can also be pursued as a result of a wrongful death of an individual.

Many business types can be found negligent for a defective product. Manufacturers, advertisers, designers, sellers/retailers and distributors can potentially be held liable for a product liability causing an injury. If you or someone you know was been injured as a result of a product, contact an attorney immediately to help you protect your rights. You should also hold on to the defective product. Make sure to keep any packaging or instructions. If it is a vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is in a safe place and is not altered. An attorney will help you in investigating the product. Be sure to take pictures of your injuries and keep the names and contact information of any witnesses.

There are many different products that can injure consumers. If you have a question about a product, you can always contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission and report any problems you may be having.

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