Metal Water Bottles Pose a Problem with Young Children

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Metal Water Bottles Pose a Problem with Young Children

Metal water bottles have been very popular among young children, but they pose a problem of children getting their tongues stuck inside of them. Although it may sound humorous, doctors say the problem is serious. Mary Kate Person got her tongue trapped in her metal water bottle after trying to get the last drop of water. With a swollen and very stuck tongue, she went to the ER, who cut off the bottom half of the bottle. The tongue was still too swollen to get it out of the hole. The doctors said that it could block her airway and she could suffocate, or that she would lose her tongue. Mary Kate recovered after three hours of surgery and three days in intensive care, and now only uses water bottles with straws.

Doctors believe that when kids stick their tongues in to drink it creates a strong suction. Because the metal doesn’t expand or flex, the tongue swells up. Although most cases are rare, there have been similar scenarios reported from three other children. The bottle that Mary Kate used has been taken off of the market completely and other companies are placing warnings on the packaging of their bottles. If your child owns one of these metal water bottles the best safety precaution is to buy them a plastic bottle with a straw, or install a sippy cap for a few dollars.

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