Multi-Vehicle Georgia Car Accident Turns Fatal

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Multi-Vehicle Georgia Car Accident Turns Fatal

Anytime a car is stopped in the road to make a turn, oncoming cars in either direction can be a potential threat. In a recent Georgia car accident, a car stopped in the roadway led to a situation involving three vehicles. Unfortunately, a person was killed and a number of others were injured.

The crash happened as an SUV was waiting to make a left hand turn. Another vehicle came up from behind the SUV and hit the vehicle. Afterwards, that car then went into the other lane and was hit by another SUV.

A passenger in the car that first hit the SUV was killed at the scene and the driver of that vehicle was injured critically. Four people in the first SUV that was stopped in the road were injured and two people in the second SUV involved were injured also. All were transported for medical care. The police in the area are currently investigating the car accident.

It remains to be seen if there may be criminal charges filed in this incident or not. However, even if there are no criminal charges filed in relation to this car accident, there may cause to file a civil complaint in a Georgia court against the driver who rear-ended the stopped car. There are times when a distracted driver or even an impaired driver hits a vehicle and then is held responsible for the injuries that occur. If there is cause in this situation to file a civil suit, the injured may be entitled to monetary damages that could help them handle the financial repercussions of the accident.

Source:, “3 Car Accident in Laurens County Kills One, Injures 8 Others,” June 24, 2013

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