Red Bull Facing Lawsuit for Wrongful Death of Man

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Red Bull Lawsuit

We have shared frequently on our blog about how energy drinks are not healthy for anyone to drink, and here is good example of why. Red Bull is facing an $85 million lawsuit for the wrongful death of 33-year-old man, Cory Terry. Terry died of a heart attack after downing a can of Red Bull at a basketball game in 2011. The cause of Terry’s death was determined to be idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy brought on by consumption of energy drinks, as opposed to being a result of an illness or genetics.

Red Bull has not commented on the incident specifically, but did say that Red Bull has been selling the energy drink for 25 years, in 165 countries, and that the beverage has always been safe.

It has also surfaced that there are over nine fatalities that have been linked to Red Bull. It seems that the beverage may have more severe health hazards than Red Bull would like to admit, especially for adolescents and people who exercise often. Please consider the affects of energy drinks before you consume them. Red Bull is not the only company whose product has shown negative health reactions.

We now continue to question: Does Red Bull really give you wings or put you in the hospital?

On a side not, Mr. Terry’s grandmother has also filed suit against the city because there was no life-saving equipment in the school gym and the ambulance took 40 minutes to arrive.

Source: The Examiner, “Family Sues Red Bull for Wrongful Death, Calls the Beverage Dangerous.” Kelsey Wannanen, October 29, 2013.

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