Featured Case: Settlement in a Product Liability/Severe Injury Case

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Settlement in a Product Liability/Severe Injury Case

In September 2011 our client was riding as a front seat passenger on the Canton Road Connector in Cobb County, Georgia.  As the driver of the car came around a curve headed toward I-75, she drove slightly off the road into part of the emergency lane and ended up losing control of the car.   The vehicle left the roadway and overturned down an embankment.  Although fully belted in the car, our client was severely and permanently injured as a result of the accident.

Our client sued the vehicle manufacture for failure to equip the vehicle with its version of an electronic stability control or ESC, and for failing to give any warning that the vehicle did not have ESC or tell drivers about the dangers of driving a vehicle without ESC.  The ESC system uses speed sensors on each wheel, and the ABS and traction control systems, and vastly improves the car’s ability to brake individual wheels and make automatic steering corrections.  If the vehicle starts to travel in a direction that is different than the indicated steering wheel position then, the ESC will brake the appropriate wheel or wheels to help the driver maintain control of your car. Our client also sued the driver of the vehicle for allowing the vehicle to go off the main roadway. We were able to settle the case for a confidential amount on behalf of our client.

Note: ESC is a critical safety device which you should make sure is included in any car you buy.

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