Recall Issued for 130k Infant Bike Helmets Sold Exclusively at Target

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Pacific Cycle has issued a recall of nearly 130k infant bike helmets available exclusively at Target stores across the country.

As temperatures rise and the school year comes to an end, you might find your way outdoors on a bike ride with your family feeling confident you’ve taken all the necessary precautions when it involves bicycle safety. You’ve purchased elbow pads and knee pads, taught the basics of road safety and most importantly, fitted everyone for the proper bike helmet. You think your job is done. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Schwinn No-Pinch Infant Bicyle Helmet

Pacific Cycle recently recalled approximately 130k Schwinn No-Pinch Buckle Infant bicycle helmets. Sold exclusively at Target stores, the helmet have a faulty magnet cover on the chin strap that could pose as a choking hazard or in extreme cases result in magnet poisoning.

The helmet’s magnetic chin-straps are advertised as ‘no-pinch’ so they have become very popular for parents as an alternative to the standard strap that may be difficult to snap under the chin of an excited child ready to go for a ride. Available for sale as recently as April 2016, it is possible you or someone you know may have purchased one or more on a recent shopping trip.

Pacific Cycle encourages you to take the helmet away from your child as soon as possible and contact them immediately for more information on how to receive a complimentary replacement. You can contact Pacific Cycle online at or visit for product recall information.

The Cooper Firm will continue to provide information on the latest product recalls, so check back often. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a product defect, please Contact Us today for a complimentary case consultation.

Source: US Consumer Product Safety Commission

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