People severely hurt in Georgia car accident

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People severely hurt in Georgia car accident

It is not unusual for people to exit their cars and check damages, check on other passengers, or exchange information after any kind of collision, regardless of how major or minor. However, it is vital that anyone involved in a car accident of any kind realizes the vulnerability of standing along the roadway after a collision. Recently in Georgia, two people found themselves injured on the road after an initial collision.

The accident happened in the late afternoon along the highway. For some reason, two separate cars lost control and spun around. It is unclear why or which car lost control first. However, after they spun out of control, the two drivers left their vehicles and were then hit by another car.

It is not clear what kind of injuries they suffered as a result of being hit by each other or by the car that hit them both after the initial collision. There is an investigation into what exactly occurred. Both of the people hit needed medical attention, although the exact nature of their injuries is not known.

In a case like this, there may be cause for a civil suit if the person who came along and hit the people along the road was culpable somehow, such as speeding or being under the influence. If either injured party in this Georgia car accident were to pursue monetary damages in a civil court, they could win damages that could essentially make up for any financial ramifications felt as a result of being injured. The damages won could go toward any medical bills or even help cover lost wages if they needed to miss work to recover.

Source: CBS Atlanta News, Two people critically injured in accident, Terrance Kelly, Sept. 21, 2013

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