Recall Round-Up: July 13, 2018

Recall Round Up

Recall Round-Up: July 13, 2018

Every week we scour the internet and bring you the latest information on product and automotive recalls in this recurring series: Recall Round-Up.

In this issue, we’ve got breaking news update on a major cereal recall from Kellogg’s, an expanded Takata airbag recall for Mazda vehicle and a pharmaceutical company forced to redesign their packaging after a child ingests an anti-psychotic drug.

  • Breaking News: Kellogg’s Honey Smacks

    The Center for Disease Control issued a strong warning to the public regarding Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal. They are telling consumers ‘Do not eat this cereal‘ as it has been linked to over 100 salmonella infections across 33 states. A voluntary recall was issued in June for the cereal but some potentially contaminated boxes are still being sold at retail stores. If you have purchased Kellogg’s Honey Smacks in the last month, please throw away your current box or return for a refund. The affected packages have ‘used by’ dates between June 14,2018 and June 14, 2019. Visit the Kellogg’s recall website to learn more.

  • Mazda

    Mazda recently expanded their Takata airbag recall to include over 270,000 vehicles. These airbags can apply the driver or the passenger side and are part of the bigger airbag manufacturer recall of 37 million vehicles. The replacement for the airbags has been a slow process as the demand is higher than the supply. Mazda vehicles included in the recall are the B-Series (04-09), Mazda6 (03-12), MazdaSpeed6 (06-07), MPV (04-06), RX-8 (04-11), CX-7 (0712), and CX-9 (07-12). Mazda will notify owners by US mail. However, we strongly recommend you visit the NHTSA website and enter your VIN to determine if your vehicle is affected in case your recall notice does not reach you.

  • Novartis- Zofran and Entresto

    Pharmaceutical company Novartis announced a voluntary recall of 500k packages of the medication Zofran, Entresto, and the generic haloperidol after determining the package was not child-resistant. The company learned of a child being admitted to the hospital after it ingested the anti-psychotic medication. The CPSC announced the packaging was not child-resistant as required by the ‘Poison Prevention Packaging Act’. This recall only affects medicine provided in blister-packaging, not bottles. Novartis instructs prescribed patients to continue normal use of the medication, but call 1-888-669-6682 for important safety information going forward.


If you’ve been injured as a result of a recalled product, please contact us today. We also encourage anyone to visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration websites to file formal complaints about potential safety hazards.

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