Salmonella in raw chicken resists anitbiotics

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Salmonella in raw chicken resists anitbiotics

A recent salmonella outbreak was linked to raw chicken that was packaged at three Foster Farm facilities. The outbreak has caused over 250 people to become ill in 18 different states. The majority of the outbreak is occurring on the West Cost in states such as California, Washington, and Oregon. 18 percent of those affected by the infection have salmonella septicemia which is a serious, life-threatening whole-body response.

The most terrible factor is the timing. With government public health officials unable to work with the government shut down, it is hard for them to help. It has been discovered that the strains involved in the outbreak are resistant to the commonly used antibiotics, making it harder for physicians to treat the effected patients.

The packaging of the chicken that contains salmonella would have a USDA mark of P6137, P6137A, and P7632. Foster Farms has yet to issue a recall and has stated that the infections are occurring from chicken that was undercooked or improperly handled. The state health officials are not planning on enforcing a recall, but they are promoting that it is essential that the chicken be cooked at atleast 165 degrees.

When handling any kind of meat, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly and clean the area where the meat was being handled.

Source: USA Today, “New Salmonella outbreak in chicken resists antibiotics,” Elizabeth Weise, October 8, 2013.

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