Team Torella Putting Heroes in Homes

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Team Torella Putting Heroes in Homes

Krystine Torella has been an upstanding individual in the Cobb Community since she moved here in 1996. She has been in real estate since 2002 and a year ago she started her own Brokerage – Team Torella Realty. Krystine has a gift and passion for helping people buy and sell homes, so in order to give back to her community she and the agents in her Brokerage became affiliates of Homes for Heroes. In doing so, Krystine and her agents are able to donate 25% of their commission to Veterans/Active Duty, Teachers, Police, Fire, and Healthcare workers who purchase or sell a home with them.

After the tragic events of 9/11 took place, Ruth Johnson along with her sister Helen Johnson and children Kacy Mlenar and Mark Micek, who were all realtors, brainstormed a way to give back to the heroes in their community. After doing some research they found there were no programs to help these men and women buy homes, so together they formed Homes for Heroes. Ruth and the team took the necessary steps to make it legal in every state for the discounts to apply to all heroes. Now agents all over the country can participate in Homes for Heroes by becoming an affiliate.


Krystine’s motto in life is to “give back to those who have given to her,” which made Homes for Heroes a perfect opportunity for Krystine. She has been an affiliate for the past three years and has truly enjoyed her experience. “I love being able to give back to those who have given to me by protecting me, educating me and healing me,” she shared. Not only does Krystine participate in Home for Heroes, but she was President of West Cobb Business Association in 2012 and is an active member of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, West Cobb Business Association, Cobb County Coalition of Business Associations, Marietta Business Association, South Cobb Business Association, and attends many community events.

The Cooper Firm has a great relationship with Krystine and is proud of the work she is doing in the community and for others.

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