Technology to help keep the roadways safe: Connected Vehicle Technology

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Technology to help keep the roadways safe: Connected Vehicle Technology

The Department of Transportation is looking to the future to help keep the roads safe in America. Through collaboration with the world’s largest automobile manufactures, the Department of Transportation is researching technology that would enable vehicles to communicate with each other and other infrastructures around them called Connected Vehicle Technology or Vehicle to Vehicle Commincation (V2V). The technology would allow communication between these vehicles or structures in order to alert drivers of dangerous roadways, roadway conditions, impending collisions, or other danger. The technology would also allow the vehicles to “talk” to traffic signals, work zones, toll booths, school zones or other types of structures. The communication would be made possible through Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) which works similarly to WIFI.

The research and analysis done by the Department of Transportation’s National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration show that Connected Vehicle Technology could address 80 percent of crash scenarios with non-impaired drivers.

The driver of a vehicle would be alerted in scenarios such as when a truck is merging or when a driver is entering a school zone, so that they can prepare themselves and respond accordingly. Eventually the Department of Transportation would like to include buses, trains, and other public transit. They are also in hope that the technology would help drivers to make more environmentally friendly driving decisions and more “green” transportation choices.

Currently Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen are working on research and development as well as supporting the Department’s efforts in creating this technology.

Currently there are two phases on research and testing to decide if Connected Vehicle Technology is something that they could implement or include rulemaking activities for.

This technology could be very useful and beneficial to American driver safety. For more information, research, and explanation on Connected Vehicle transportation you can visit:

Share with us you thoughts for this new technology as well as the benefits and drawbacks that you see coming from it.

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