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Technology Predators Are On The Rise More Than Ever

November 20, 2013

Technology Predators Are On The Rise More Than Ever It has always been an issue, but just how bad are technology predators and abuse among teens and young adults? What researchers found is worrying. Their studies show that 9 percent of youth, ages 14-2, 1 admitted to some kind of forced sexual contact, using tactics…

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Sexual predators using modern technology resulting in victims of attacks, serious injury and death

December 15, 2010

We live in a technology driven world, from computers and the internet, cell phones, blogging, and on-line personal journals to name a few. Time tested parenting rules no longer apply. It is important for parents to have the education, knowledge and understanding of these modern technologies so that they can be fully aware and able…

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Nintendo DS/Pictochat – An All Access Feature for Child Predators?

November 30, 2010

I’m sure that some of your children have asked for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSI for Christmas this year. What may be a surprise to most of you is that predators are using these gaming systems to contact your unsuspecting and vulnerable children. Most parents buy the system so their children can play video…

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