A Season of Giving – 2018

2018 Giving

A Season of Giving – 2018

Every year we are thankful for the many partnerships we have formed that benefit the greater good. Our partnerships with our fellow attorneys have allowed us to pursue justice not just for our deserving clients, but also for our communities. By working alongside each other, we help to ensure that corporations are held accountable when the safety of their employees and customers are not a priority. It is a privilege to help improve the lives of so many in the best way we know how to do.

Partnerships within our law community are not the only way we can benefit our community. This year we were blessed to support many organizations that reach out to the overlooked and forgotten. These organizations have also found ways to improve society in the best way they know how to do. Please take a minute to read more about them and the incredible work they do for the community.


  • Center for Children and Young Adults

    This year we were blessed to work with Center for Children and Young Adults in Marietta. This center provides a home for at risk and homeless youth right here in our community. It’s an incredible organization! We decided to complete a make-over at the girls’ dormitory and were thrilled with the results. Check out our blog post here.


  • Orphan Aid Liberia

    OAL is close to our hearts and an organization we have supported for many years. The work Daryl Roberts and his team do in Liberia is life changing. One t-shirt from their shop provides 36 meals and we have included one for you in the Holiday box.  They continue to sell hundreds of shirts a week at different churches and businesses across the state creating an incredible impact on daily lives of the children they serve. They are providing meals, food, new mattresses, and even new orphanages for the young people in Liberia. It’s incredible work and we hope you will check them out.


  • Hope for Christmas

    Hope for Christmas is an event that happens annually in many of the northwest counties of Georgia. This event provides food, gifts, fun, and fellowship to many of the needy families in our area. Our staff came together with their families one weekend in December to help give these families a day they will never forget.


  • Bless Coalition

    Our own Sherry Kerr connected us with an organization in Cartersville that serves hundreds of families on a regular basis. Once a month their Bless General Store sets up shop for a weekend of giving. They provide food, home cleaning supplies and hygiene products for many families in the area. We were surprised to learn that many young women in our own communities miss school every month due to a lack of feminine hygiene products. By providing these items every month for the Bless General Store, we are hopeful every girl has the opportunity to get an education.


  • Sunrise Ministries

    Sunrise Ministries offers hope and a new life for those women and children exploited in sex trafficking. Located in Acworth, this ministry provides Christ-centered counseling for victims right in our community. Their shop sells hand-made jewelry, art, and coffee. Hand-made items provide therapy and life-skills for the young people while also helping to fund the organization and the construction of their new building. Each Holiday Box contains 1 lb of coffee from Sunrise Ministries.


  • Bombas

    Bombas identified a very simple need and acted on it. We liked that! When learning that the #1 requested items in homeless shelters around the U.S. were socks, they decided to start a company that helps to fill that request. Every purchase of a pair of socks supplies a pair of socks to a shelter. It’s that simple. One for One giving is the best kind and it helps their product is great! Our Holiday Boxes include 2 pairs of socks, so you can feel good knowing 2 pairs were donated on your behalf.


  • OneHope Wine

    OneHope Wine was started by 8 friends in California who knew there was a way to do good while also enjoying items they already love. Wine of course being one of them. They have partnered with many organizations and charities to provide financial support through the sale of their goods. In 2017, they were able to provide homes for 19k shelter animals, 400k meals for hungry children and families, helped 5k veterans rejoin the community, education 30k people on heart health, planted 15k trees, and more. Choose your wine and choose your cause. We chose a wine for the Holiday Box that supports ABA therapy for children with Autism. Every little bit helps, so thank you!


Thank you for your partnerships in 2018 and we look forward to doing more good in 2019. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

From all of us at The Cooper Firm.



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