Mercedes-Benz Recalls 1.3M Vehicles for Faulty Crash Locator

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Mercedes-Benz Recalls 1.3M Vehicles for Faulty Crash Locator

This week, Mercedes-Benz announced a recall of nearly 1.3 vehicles. According to the manufacturer, there is a software issue that could dispatch emergency vehicles to the wrong location should a crash occur.

On February 14, Mercedes Benz, in conjunction with NHTSA, recalled 1.3 million vehicles in model years 2016-2021. Each of these vehicles is equipped with an emergency locator system  eCall. This system alerts emergency vehicles when a crash occurs in the vehicle. Reports indicate there is a problem with the software that could incorrectly communicate the vehicle’s location. There has been one such incident reported in Europe, but none in the U.S so far.

The affected vehicles are the A-, B-, C-, E-, GT-, S-, SL-, and SLC-class; CLA- and CLS-class; and G-, GLA-, GLB-, GLC-, GLE-, and GLS-class. All were manufactured between 2016 and 2021, but specific models and years differ. Owners are encouraged to visit NHTSA online or Mercedes Benz online and enter your specific VIN in order to see if you are included in the recall.

Mercedes Benz plans to provide a simple software update that could correct this glitch and does not believe there are any other errors in the eCall software program that owner’s should be aware of. They will notify affected owners of the recall by mail and begin correction April 6, 2021.

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Source: Car and Driver


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