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Personal Interest

The Cooper Firm team completes mission work in Liberia


The Cooper Firm team completes mission work in Liberia

At the beginning of this year, Lance, his wife Sonja, and Sherry Kerr joined a team of seven others to do mission work in Africa. The trip was organized by Orphan Aid Liberia, a group that is close to the heart of many in our firm. The team served five orphanages and did vision clinics in two different cities over the course of twelve days.

Four days were spent in an orphanage that Orphan Aid Liberia supports deworming children, bringing presents, distributing clothing and boxes full of items that a local church put together. They also visited the city of Dolos Town, where they send materials to foster children whose parents were killed due to the Ebola crisis. Sherry recalled how over 500 men and women lined up outside the building where they were holding an eye clinic, but they were only able to help less than half.

One of Sherry’s favorite memories was when a Lebanese man who owned a hardware store in the city they were staying invited them to dinner. The night before, they were eating cold chili and tuna out of the can, but this man prepared a feast for them including lobster, barracuda and endless homemade dishes thanking them for their work in the community. Lance also shared that it was meal and experience that he would remember forever.

Orphan Aid Liberia was created in 2008, after Daryl Roberts went on a trip and discovered nearly 300,000 children who were orphaned due to a civil war. Daryl founded the organization, and began bringing relief to children and communities of Liberia. For more information regarding this group or to donate, please visit Orphan Aid Liberia on Facebook.






Doreen Lundrigan celebrates 15 years at The Cooper Firm


Doreen Lundrigan celebrates 15 years at The Cooper Firm

Doreen joined the firm in 2001 as a litigation paralegal. Doreen quickly became a strong asset to the firm working on cases involving Wal-Mart, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Ford and Subaru, Chrysler and Michelin. She also helped with ground breaking work involving General Motors and its defective ignition switch, which has made its way across national news several times and prompted millions of defective vehicles to be recalled. Her work in product and auto cases has been invaluable.

Doreen graduated with an Associate’s Degree and completed the paralegal program at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Doreen has two sons who are both married and is the grandmother to a boy and a girl. Doreen is very active and enjoys fitness classes and running. She enjoys spending time her family and friends, and attending sporting events.

Doreen is an active member of the Attorney’s Information Exchange Group (AIEG) and Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. She was chairman of a paralegal seminar with a national product liability group in 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama. She was also named Paralegal of the Year in 2012.

Doreen is a wonderful addition to our team and we are so grateful for her fifteen years of service at The Cooper Firm.

Sherry Kerr Celebrates Twenty Years at the Firm

The Cooper Firm - Marietta Personal Injury Attorney

Sherry Kerr Celebrates Twenty Years at the Firm

Sherry first joined the firm in the summer of 1995. Though the firm has evolved three times over those twenty years, Sherry has stayed during each transition. She has served as an office administrator and a legal assistant for the past 20 years.

“My favorite thing about working for the firm by far is the people.  I enjoy coming to work each day because we have a great team of people led by Mr. Cooper.   The other thing that has always been exciting to me is the difference our firm makes in people’s lives.  Lives are changed because we fight to get them the help they need following catastrophic injuries.  Without Mr. Cooper and the team at The Cooper Firm, many families would never have received the funds they needed to do things such as get the right wheelchair, change the house so a wheelchair will function there or move to a location that accommodates their new limitations.  Other times, it helps families move forward after the loss of a loved one.  I am proud to be a part of this firm and what it represents.

My favorite memories have to do with firm outings!  Over the years we have had a great time together bowling, celebrating birthdays, going out to celebrate a good outcome for a client, playing pranks on each other…And most recently a visit to Skyview in Atlanta.”

Over her time at the firm, Sherry’s family has grown. She and her husband adopted a daughter from China who is now a freshman at North Cobb Christian School. Her daughter participates in several different sports throughout the year. Sherry and her family are actively involved in The Church at the Well in Cartersville, Georgia and in the charity, Orphan Aid Liberia, which provides food, clothing, medical care, education and hope for war orphaned children living in West Africa. Sherry serves on the board for Orphan Aid Liberia and has gone to Africa several times on mission trips with the organization.

Sherry’s loyalty to the firm is highly admired. She is a joy to have in the office, and we are very proud of her and her accomplishments over the past twenty years.

Sherry Kerr

The Cooper Firm Professional Open House Party 2014


We had a great time celebrating with other professionals at our open house party last month. Thank you to everyone who came out to visit.

Cooper Open House 3 Cooper Open House 4 Cooper Open House 5 Cooper Open House 6
Cooper Open House 8

Cooper Open House 10
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Cooper Open House 22
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The Newest Member of our Team: Attorney Drew Ashby

Drew Ashby Personal Injury Attorney Georgia

The Newest Member of our Team: Attorney Drew Ashby

drew ashbyWe are very proud to introduce the newest member of our firm, Drew Ashby. We hired Drew in April as an associate attorney. He has been a wonderful addition. Drew has litigated cases all over the Southeast including Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina. He practices in all of the firm’s practice areas, with an emphasis on substantial personal injury and wrongful death cases, and product liability cases involving automobile design and manufacturing defects. He has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements in cases involving product liability, trucking accidents, auto accidents, and complex multi-vehicle pileups. Drew has also represented numerous former players in the NFL concussion litigation.

Before joining The Cooper Firm, Drew spent seven years mostly defending litigation in a variety of areas including product liability (with significant exposure to manufacturers in Asia), trucking accidents, auto accidents, professional malpractice, insurance coverage, business, and contract litigation matters. In that capacity, Drew litigated cases with Fortune 500 companies and eight of the top 15 largest insurance companies in the United States.

In his career Drew has served as civil counsel to the Georgia Secretary of State, the Georgia Securities Commissioner, the Georgia Real Estate Commission, the Georgia Real Estate Appraiser’s Board, a Special Assistant Attorney General, several large metro-Atlanta cities/counties, various receivers in RICO actions, and several District Attorneys throughout Georgia.

Drew has also worked with the American Center for Law and Justice to litigate First Amendment and other constitutional issues where he helped win a victory at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Drew graduated from Auburn University where he obtained a Bachelors of Science in Finance with a concentration in Economics. He received his law degree from Regent University School of Law where he served on the Trial Advocacy Board and worked as a legal intern with the Office of the General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.

Drew lives in Smyrna with his wife and two young boys where they are actively involved in Foundry Church, a local community-focused church in the Smyrna area. He and his wife are a part of a team that is helping to start the church and they are excited about its official launch in the coming months. We are very excited to have such a well-rounded and experienced attorney as a part of our team.

The Cooper Firm – Friends and Family Event


Last month, the firm held an open house party for friends and family. We had a wonderful turnout and a great deal of fun.

Here are some photos of the event.

Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 30

Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 28 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 27 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 26 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 19 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 20 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 21 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 22 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 23 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 24 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 25 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 18 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 15 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 14 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 13 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 11 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 10 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 9 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 6 Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 4Cooper Firm - Friends & Family-Web 3

A place for your next mediation, deposition or small conference


Meeting Spaces - Untitled Page

Product Liability Claims: What Does The Future Hold? – Part I


Product Liability Claims: What Does the Future Hold – Part I

DAEMON_1308222_7214A2The Future is Now:   More of the Same

As the old French proverb goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Products liability is, and will likely always be, premised on three basic tenets:

1. Design.   Things break because they are dangerously designed.

2. Manufacturing.   Things break because they are made poorly.

3. Warnings.  Things are inherently hazardous, but no adequate warning is given.

Back To The Future

As the tenets remain unchanged, so too do many of the essential tactics in the fight against unsafe products.  Some of those tactics include:

Developing Your  OSIs.   Other similar incidents (“OSIs”) will always be a key element of proof in any products case.   Juries put great stock in them, with only a few OSIs opening the door to punitive damages.

Obtaining Sharing Protective Orders.   Confidentiality Orders that permit you to share your discovery with other lawyers handling similar cases will remain a must.   Although fairly common in the 1990s and early 2000s, these orders seem less common now.   Continue fighting for one, showing the judge the many benefits to your client, namely, that injured Georgia citizen standing in the judge’s courtroom.  And, counter the (false) argument that such orders will add to the busy judge’s already busy caseload.  They are rarely, if ever, violated, and the judge will not be “handling cases all over the United States.”  Sharing orders greatly enhance your ability to discover critical documents and data, and to keep the manufacturer honest in its responses.

Conducting Aggressive E-Discovery.    As storage methods go more electronic and high-tech than ever, you will need to dig ever deeper to get the data.   More sophisticated storage means more sophisticated hiding.   More data will be stored (and/or hidden) in the cloud or on other media.

Requiring Ethical Qualified Oversight.  Those interested in product safety will need to stay ever involved in the regulatory process.  We will need to demand oversight, regulation, and modern adequate safety testing.  We are uniquely situated to assist in identifying and regulating safety hazards out of products.  As history has taught, things go wrong when modern technologies emerge in the absence of equally emerging ethical and sound oversight.

Stay tuned next week for Part II.

-Lance Cooper and Pat Dawson

The Cooper Firm’s New Office


New Office

Here are some pictures from our new office space. Be sure to stop by whenever your in the neighborhood!

The Cooper Firm



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We’ve Made Our Move!

The Cooper Firm - Marietta Personal Injury Attorney

The Cooper Firm has a new address:

531 Roselane Street
Suite 200
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Stop by when you are in the neighborhood!


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