5 Things to Do before You Take Your Car Insurance Offer

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Before You Take Your Car Insurance Offer

After a car accident, you call your car insurance to report what happened. After a long conversation filled with questions and prompts, you will receive an offer for your vehicle and the repairs that will have to be made. What do you do now?

Before you accept the offer, consider doing these five things.

1. Do your homework. Research and compare your vehicle with other vehicles that are the same model, condition, and year. Make sure that your adjuster is doing their evaluation based on these vehicles so that you are truly getting what your car is worth.

2. Have proof. One of the best resources you have is the proof that the condition of your car is significantly worse after your accident. Pictures, maintenance receipts, or anything else related will help to increase the value of your car and the offer you may receive.

3. Add up the cost yourself. Although it is probably the last thing you want to do after your accident, add up all your medical cost, missed work, repair receipts, and any other related bills. Make sure that your offer is close to or more than the cost of all these things together.

4. Keep a log. Make sure you keep a log with all the documents, phone conversations with dates and names, and any other relevant items that are related to the accident. Having this log helps you keep track of details and can keep you from forgetting things later. It may also help you if you choose to challenge the offer.

5. Consider an attorney. If you have significant damages or injuries from your accident, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to help you in working with your insurance and other parties to get the compensation you deserve.

The good news is you do have a choice. You do not have to accept the offer immediately, but do remember to be reasonable. If the above considerations prove that the offer is reasonable, take it!

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