Georgia accident: Motorcyclist rammed in Douglas County

Most of the time, Georgia drivers do their best to avoid a car accident. Still, unfortunately, sometimes car drivers can often make mistakes when motorcyclists are on the road that causes a car accident. Sometimes, they may not be looking for motorcyclists and other times they even misjudge the space between themselves and the motorcyclist.

Unfortunately, in one recent accident, this may have been the reason why one cyclist was injured. On a recent day around 5:35 p.m., a motorcyclist was rear-ended by a Dodge Ram truck driver as they headed eastbound on Bankhead Highway. The truck proceeded to leave the scene of the accident.

While the motorcycle fell to the ground, the motorcyclist was ejected. Fortunately, this motorcyclist sustained non-life-threatening injuries, though it was not immediately clear what the exact extent of these injuries were. He was taken to Grady Hospital, though his updated medical condition was not disclosed.

So far it is not known if police have successfully found the driver, though many hit-and-run drivers are apprehended and face criminal consequences for leaving the scene of an accident causing injury. With recent advances in technology and communication, it is indeed likely that the driver will be found. As police continue their investigation of this car accident, it is hoped that more Georgia residents will be careful as they drive with motorcycles and make sure to give them the proper space that they deserve. Once the driver is located, the biker will have the opportunity to pursue a personal injury claim to seek recovery of monetary damages caused by the alleged negligence of someone who appears to have left an injured man in the road to struggle with his injuries.

Source: Douglasville Patch, “Hit-and-Run Driver Sought by GSP,” July 9, 2012

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