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We are proud to have represented Marlowe Lowry in her product liability case. Marlowe was driving south on I-75 on a workday when the tire tread separated on a GMC Envoy, which caused the Envoy to strike the FJ Cruiser that Marlowe was driving. Marlowe’s vehicle rolled over on the highway and she was severely injured. Marlowe sustained a traumatic brain injury, as well as multiple fractures. She embarked on a lengthy rehabilitation and ultimately made a miraculous recovery. Marlowe’s family and friends have been extremely supportive throughout her recovery process. Fortunately, we were able to obtain a settlement for Marlowe which will provide for her future financial and medical needs. Today she is still undergoing treatment for her traumatic brain injury, but she is currently learning to drive again. She is able to care for and spend time with her son William “Boomer” with the assistance of her family. Through it all, Marlowe kept her faith and her sense of humor. Marlowe is an inspiration to all of us here at The Cooper Firm.

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